Million Dollar Pips

Million Dollar Pips Review

Million Dollar Pips has considerable profit rate, plus very high number of trades, and uses risk diffusion. There is a drawback with this system that you must know.

Million Dollar Pips

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Million Dollar Pips is a William Morrison production, who has 18 years of software development experience. Million Dollar Pips is a new robot which combines minimal risk with huge and consistent profits. It is purely unique unlike any other robot or EA experienced. It is programmed to trade on the 1M chart, uses a simple combination of an indicator and price action to detect and scalp mini breakouts using machine speed with smart trailing techniques. Million Dollar Pips has considerable profit rate, plus very high number of trades, and uses risk diffusion. The sales revenue from this software goes right into the Forex investment account and gets multiplied over and over again by the software.

Based on 5 years of testing of William Morrison, by using high quality data it came out to be 6.8% of the account which exceeded expectations as well. It is like constant cash-siphoning mixed with low risk and the lowest possible draw down. Million Dollar Pips has earned 50% more in a matter of weeks. Million Dollar Pips does not offer the system like any lifestyle secret software.

million dollar pips

This system is far better when compared with Forex (trading) system in terms of accuracy, money-generating system without number crunching and indicators, 24/5 trading as the robot never tires. Though there would be many Forex robots and systems which may have not been observed but Million Dollar Pips is so fart the best. Other Forex robots curve fit their back tests (results are fake), use high risk trading strategies which destroy the account, have recurrent system and use martingale (gambling) which is of high risk to low reward trading method.

Million Dollar Pips offers huge profit opportunities, and is fully automated, powerful, easy to install with zero skills required and free updates program. Also, Million Dollar Pips is a low risk and a low draw down robot. Once you pay, Million Dollar Pips can be accessed with a guideline with full information to install and configure the software, which assure it is a risk-free program.

Million Dollar Pips, plus points:

  • Automated Forex Trading Robot.
  • A guideline is provided.
  • A safe and unique scalping strategy.
  • Effective money management.
  • No use of martingale strategies.
  • NFA complaint: No hedging follows FIFO.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

Million Dollar Pips, weak points:

  • Million Dollar Pips is a new product, and may cause suspicion in the mind of intended users.


Million Dollar Pips function like a push-button cash to fill up the Forex account all day, ensures an easier life where there is no reason to think about getting the hands on some money. Million Dollar Pips is an automated Forex Trading Robot with a guideline. It can assist one to have self-sufficient life. If you are done troubling with Forex and agree that the simple way is the best way then Million Dollar Pips Robot is ready to make your fantasies true. All in All Million Dollar Pips is a risk-free Forex profiting system.

Million Dollar Pips

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