DUBturbo Review

dubturboGarage Band musicians are a dying breed now. Not because of the lack of talent, but because of pesky neighbours and costly instruments. If you are one of those who keeps hearing a beat in their head but can’t get it out since musical instruments are way out of reach and too complex to use, you have come to the right place. With DUBturbo, bring the musician inside you out and show the world your talent.

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DUBturbo: Talent Unlimited

With DUBturbo, it is now possible to make the beats of your choice professionally yet convincingly. No need for expensive tutorials or complicated music lessons, your talent awaits the touch of DUBturbo. Make head banging beats and grooves with DUBturbo and let the whole world go crazy with your unbound talent. Fame, fortune and creativity, achievable easily through DUBturbo.

This amazing software which can catapult you into super stardom in a manner of nights is dirt cheap and ridiculously easy to use. Making beats with DUBturbo is like taking a walk in the park. The efficient and virtually bug free DUBturbo sports outstanding features like:

  • Movie and mood music
  • Video tutorials
  • 20 Years of Premium updates
  • DT instrumental pack
  • DUBturbo sequencer
  • Four premium sample packs



Everyone is not privileged enough to attend exorbitant music classes whether at schools or privately. Even the availability of professional equipment is no easy and affordable task. But the fact remains the same. In each of us there burns the fury and uniqueness of a rock star ready to be unleashed in favorable conditions. With DUBturbo, nurse those beats that have been resonating inside you for as long as you can remember. DUBturbo caters to your musical needs like. Here are some of the pros:

  • Easy online and desktop access.
  • Through and simple video tutorials to use the software to its fullest potential.
  • Integrated navigation shortcuts to create the music you want without a hiccup.
  • Onboard keyboard triggers and tap functions.
  • The ability to connect as much as three display panels to augment your music making experience.
  • Create your own fabulous beats using a 16 track sequencer.
  • Over 40 drum kits each with 10 pads, interchangeable at the click of a mouse button.
  • Create industry standard musical masterpieces.
  • Colossal custom sound library at your disposal.
  • The ability to import your own sounds.

Such amazing features at an even amazing price, DUBturbo is the sound of a generation and a musical revolution. From professionals to dilettantes, DUBturbo satisfy all your musical needs right from your computer screen. A decently powered computer with a moderate sound playback device and speakers are the only requirement to run this marvelous piece of software engineering, even your video games run of higher configuration than this.


Some of the Downsides of DUBturbo


  • Your computer will have to be running at top notch for it to handle the features of the program.
  • You might need your computer to have premium features to handle the high quality files from DWturbo
  • You need to make sure that your computer is multimedia optimized for music production
  • This software is a fully featured music production tool. You will need to get used to how to do things with it


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